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The sleigh & reindeer won Judges Commendation at the 2001 NWA Woodworkers Expo in Saratoga, NY.  

Sleigh top     Sleigh side    Sleigh front

 sleigh_sm.JPG   The sleigh is constructed entirely from purpleheart wood with the exception 
    of the seat and floor, which are rosewood. 


 Rosewood seat

    Rosewood seat and floor

    The sleigh measures 36"L x 16"W.



sleigh_8.jpg (102426 bytes)   The sides, front and back are rattan caning.  
    The cane is soaked before stretching for greater flexibility. 




 spline.JPG    The caning is set into a 1/8" routed groove and held in place with glue and 
    a spline inserted into the groove.


No stains were used on the wood.  All colors are natural.  Three coats of wipe on polyurethane were applied as a finish, followed by two applications of BRIWAX which was hand rubbed to produce the final effect. 

Approximately 1200 hours were spent on the sleigh and reindeer project. 

A few years before making the full scale sleigh I made a mini version (below) from the same plan.

 mini sleigh 2.JPG  




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