'87 Toyota 4x4 Truck Restoration

   OK...you're right...this has nothing to do with woodworking but it is my latest
 (and just may be the my longest) project. I started the restoration in 2003. 
It's 'work in process' and truly a labor of love...

  Anyone who owns one of these babies knows the body, especially the bed, rusts out
  but the engine never dies. It's like the Energizer Bunny...it just keeps on going!

Hmmmm...let's see...it's hard to know where to start since almost everything has been replaced.

toy 1.jpg (124116 bytes)    steve 1.jpg (93086 bytes)






toy_bed_removed_2.JPG (92353 bytes)      toy_bed_removed_1.JPG (88772 bytes)      toys_old_bed_1.JPG (76786 bytes)

toys_new_bed_1.JPG (44726 bytes)      toy_new_bed_installed_2.jpg (76325 bytes)       toy_new_bed_installed_3.jpg (87636 bytes)
Removing the original bed   Installing a new fiberglass bed


toy_right_fender_removed_3.JPG (61166 bytes) toy_right_fender_removed_2.JPG (79035 bytes) toy_right_fender_old_1.JPG (163372 bytes) toy_right_fender_new_1.JPG (76342 bytes)
Removing the original fendaer   New fender        


bottom_seat_1.jpg (150011 bytes) bottom_seat_2.jpg (148373 bytes) bottom_seat_3.jpg (156458 bytes) bottom_seat_4.jpg (185837 bytes) toys_cab_7.jpg (165369 bytes)
    Original seat cover   New seat cover


toy_windshield_1.JPG (165563 bytes) toy_windshield_2.JPG (156025 bytes) toy_windshield_3.JPG (160175 bytes) toy sun visor 1.jpg (125970 bytes) toy sun visor 2.jpg (91681 bytes)
Painting black windshield trim   Paint job completed    


toy_test_striping_1.jpg (102699 bytes) steve_pinstriping_2.jpg (114378 bytes) steve_pinstriping_6.jpg (89083 bytes) toy_striping_hood_3.jpg (117170 bytes)
Installing striping   Hood striping        


antenna_1.jpg (145780 bytes) mudflaps_4.jpg (98713 bytes) mudflaps_2.jpg (73647 bytes)
            New antenna   New mudflaps   New bumper


toy_wheels_1.jpg (74044 bytes) toy_11-07-04_8.jpg (187663 bytes) toy_wheels_2.jpg (90297 bytes)
            New tires

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