Other Wood Projects

Jointer Restoration

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Here are some other wood projects I've done thru the years. 
Some were scanned from old Polaroids so the quality isn't that good. 
(click most to enlarge) 

Stick Horse 
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These are my original designs.  All the figures are hand carved.

Fisherman  the fish jump up and down with the Barnegat Lighthouse in the background
    whirligig_fisherman_1.jpg (71605 bytes)

Golfers   check out her cute pink panties when she bends over!



Garden Pump

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Cedar Birdhouse  

This birdhouse was designed from a ceramic Christmas house.
birdhouse9.jpg (66259 bytes)  birdhouse3.jpg (88646 bytes) birdhouse5.jpg (76442 bytes) birdhouse4.jpg (74800 bytes)  birdhouse8.jpg (69989 bytes)

Wall Watches  

trio_4.jpg (182314 bytes)   The two larger men's watches are made from cherry.
   They measure 5 3/4"W x 23"H.
   The ladies watch is oak measuring 4"W x 20"H.


his pieces 2.jpg (192034 bytes)   Watch assembly in progress 


  All toys are 'child safe' with no metal used 

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mini_sleigh 1.jpg


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