Jointer Restoration


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In 2001, I restored an old Sears 4" jointer, circa 195x, a friend passed along to me.  These are a few before & after pictures of the restoration. I totally disassembled, cleaned & repainted it.  Fortunately the parts were all intact since replacements parts are no longer available for ordering from Sears, except for new blades.

The entire jointer is cast iron making it well worth saving as the newer ones are, for the most part, all aluminum.

What makes this model especially nice, is that there is no 'setting' of the blades required. The blades & gibs simply set into slots in the cutter head with the retaining set screws tightened.

The next step would be designing & making a stand with some sort of dust collection capability for it to set on.

They just don't make 'em like this anymore!  Smiley

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