Outhouse Birdhouse


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This outhouse is for the birds!!!!

outhouse002_7.gif (267252 bytes)   This is the second birdhouse model in the Feathered Friends Cedar Collection.  
   The outhouse is constructed of solid 3/4" cedar which ages beautifully.  
   The exterior is  coated with water sealant for protection. 
   The interior was left untreated. Waterproof glue was used throughout. 

Cedar is a very weather resistant wood that retains it's quality and character with age, weathering to a 
soft silver gray if left untreated. To retain the natural earth tones of the cedar, a coat of water sealant can be applied annually to the exterior of the mill.  

The outhouse roof is covered with 40 gauge embossed copper. With time and exposure to the elements, 
the copper will age to a beautiful verdigris patina.

The durable rustproof brass hardware used throughout the construction compliments the copper roof and earth tones of the cedar. 

A magnetic latch that attaches the house to the base. The house pushes up in the front making it convenient for easy annual cleaning. 

The moon and windows were routed out and weather resistant yellow enamel was used to paint them.

All the wooden accessory pieces are hand carved to achieve a mottled appearance, simulating stone. 

A piece of plastic mesh was tacked to the inside below the hole to help the baby birds climb out. 

A galvanized steel mounting bracket secures the birdhouse to a 8' steel pole.

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The 'doublewide model was twice as much fun!

Third in the Feathered Friends Cedar Collection is the doublewide model.  Construction for this birdhouse
is the same was the single one above. There are two nesting cavities separated by an interior cedar wall.  
A magnetic latch in the front releases by pushing up on the front roof edge for easy annual cleaning.

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