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steve's knife rack_2.jpg (125138 bytes) The first woodworking project I created was a knife rack made in 7th grade shop class.  From that point on I was hooked & my love of woodworking has grown with time.  Of course my parents have held onto all my projects thru the years (as most parents do) and the knife rack is still being used in my mother's kitchen today.  

My interest & talent in woodworking is versatile.   I've created everything from very simple projects to designing/building decks to remodeling homes.  Every project is created with the highest degree of quality and painstaking detail. 

The most time consuming project I did was making two Victorian rocking horses.  Each one took about six months to complete in my spare time.  The first horse was displayed in an art gallery in Bay Head, NJ for several months.  Many of my wood toys were displayed and sold in a craft store in my home town of Toms River, NJ. 

I am a member of the Mid-Hudson Chapter of Northeastern Woodworkers Association.  In March 2001 some of my pieces won awards (Judges Commendation and First Place\Miniatures) at the renowned Woodworkers Expo held annually in Saratoga, NY.

I also am a certified member of the Guild of Rocking Horse Makers.  To become a member of this exclusive international association, you must certify that you have made a rocking horse & that it was substantially made & finished personally by you.  

In the warmer months, I also enjoy doing outside projects. Many of which combine my love of landscaping with woodworking.

My dream is to open a woodworking shop in Woodstock, NY.  A place where people could see me working on actual projects as they shop and browse in the store.


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